What You'll Learn In This Course

What's Required to Get Started?

This is all about monetizing your influence so, you should have an influence, on social media or through an email list.

If you have subscribers, fans, or followers on a network or in one place then you can monetize that.

How many subscribers do you need?

As little as 500 followers is required, though nanoinfluencers will lesser followers have scored brand deals before. Think about it, those 500 followers are loyal to your brand, and if 10% of them buy what you are referring, that's 50 people! Which is huge!

Brand know this so smaller follower influencers as well as larger influencers at 10,000+ can score brand deals.

What social networks are the best for brand deals?

Any network, really.


Tik Tok.





Google Plus.

The list continues.

Even an email list is great to monetize. They are called sponsored newsletters.

Next lesson, for how to get started.

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